Monday, August 17, 2009

Arakhs The Suryavanshi

The Arakhs are a martial Suryawanshi kshatriya tribe who at one time ruled large areas of Awadh. The heroes of Arakh clan include sun-worshipper Maharaja Tilok Chand (who captured the throne of Delhi in 918 A.D. by defeating king Vikrampal), Salhia Singh (who established the town of Sandila), Malhia Singh (who eastablished the town of Malhiabad) and Maharaja Khadagsen (who established Khaga town in Fatehpur district of Uttar Pradesh).

Arakhs claim themselves to be the ancient-most kshatriya tribe of Indian origin. They claim their descent from ancient Suryawanshi kshatriya clan to which Lord Rama belonged. 'Arakh' is said to be the distorted form of 'Arka' 'अर्क' (a Sanskrit word meaning sun). 'Arkawanshi' (अर्कवंशी) is a synonym of 'Suryawanshi'. Thus a clan of Suryawanshis was also called as 'Arkawanshi'. The founder of Suryavansha Vaivasvat Manu was also known 'Arka Tanaya' (अर्क तनय) meaning 'the son of Arka'. 'Arkawanshi' became 'Arka' (अर्क) and later 'Arak' (अरक) and 'Arakh' (अरख) in locally spoken dialects. Arakhs have been the worshipper of sun god (Arka-अर्क) and Lord Shiva. Arkawanshis also have different sub-clans as Khangars, Gauds, Bachhals and Adhiraj.

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Pradeep Singh said...

The town of Khaga is said to have been established by a brave ruler belonging to the martial Ark or Suryavanshi】clan, named Maharaja Khadagsen (also referred to as Khadag Singh). Maharaja Khadagsen Was The Son Of Maharaja Dalpatsen . Maharaja Dalpatsen Belongs to Raja Kanaksen Family And Raja Kanaksen Was a Bloodline Of Raja Kush . And Raja Kush Was The Son Of Lord Rama . The Ark or Suryavanshi who ruled doaba region post Gupta period, came to control large parts of Fatehpur district (including Ayah and Khaga) and parts of Allahabad region under Khadagsen's rule. It is also said that Suryavanshi kshatriya (also referred to as 'Arkawanshi' अर्कवंशी) rulers conducted Dashashwamegha yajnas (Horse sacrifices) in the doab region (area between Ganges and Yamuna) to prove their supremacy. Their power decayed with the rise of competing powers in the form of other Rajputs and Muslims. Fort Was was situated near Kukri kukra lake but is now in ruins, however many people say that there was a fort there. Many stories about Maharaja Khadagsen were destroyed during the British Raj, or by singrour Ruler Dariyao Singh. That's the reason the history was lost.